Berkeley’s Most Smile Friendly Foods

Woman eating a carrotDental implants Harlem, NY dentist Dr. Dailley and the staff here at Anthony Dailley DDS have some interesting and helpful hints that may aid you in the care of your dental implants. It involves the best foods for your teeth and oral health. Here at Anthony Dailley DDS many of our dental implant patients approach staff after the process of implantation has been completed in search of tips on how to best care for their dental implants. Those of our patients who are having to finance their own dental implants are especially interested in obtaining this information.

Fortunately, there are various ways to care for dental implant and almost all of them are incredibly easy. This is one of the many benefits of dental implants, they require no special care. Because of this fact, most the tips you have been given throughout your life about caring for your natural teeth will also apply to your dental implants. Bearing this in mind we have decided to write a post regarding one way to care for your dental implants you may not be aware of; your diet!

A good foundation for healthy dental implants revolved around maintaining good oral hygiene and strong bones. Believe it or not, the food you eat every day can have a major impact on both of these factors. So if you are looking to help cover all the bases in caring for you dental implants, please take a look at this list of healthy eats for your teeth.

Eat More Veggies and Fruit

No this is not us trying to lecture you on eating more healthy foods. When we suggest eating more fruits and veggies we are doing so with the health of your mouth in mind. Fruits and vegetables contain something called fiber. Fiber has the ability to naturally facilitate the production of saliva in your mouth. That means when you eat these foods, your mouth begins to water not only because they taste so good.

Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria. Guess what one of the leading causes of bad breath is. Yep, bacteria. When you have a healthy amount of bacteria in your mouth, some of that bacteria, which would otherwise be sitting on top of your teeth and gums multiplying, is held in a type of temporary hiatus. Even more so is the fact that a large portion of that bacteria is then swallowed and sent down to your digestive system where it can be properly dealt with. So the next time you are feeling a bit peckish, skip the chips or cookies and grab a carrot or an apple instead.

Foods Rich in Calcium

As we mentioned above, one of the key factors in maintaining strong dental implants is to maintain healthy bones. Your jawbone, along with your gums, is what holds those dental implants firmly in place. As its name suggests, a jawbone is a bone! That means it will greatly benefit from an increase in calcium intake.

Dairy foods like cheese, milk and yogurt are chalk full of calcium. Drinking a daily glass of milk can do wonders for the health of your bones and the occasional indulgence in a delicious slice of cheese should not be looked down upon. Dairy products are not the lowest in fat content on this list or any other list for that matter, but if you are really looking to watch your waistline don’t fret. The same hefty calcium kick can be found in a low-fat glass of milk or low-fat Greek yogurt. We suggest mixing your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt with some fresh strawberries of blueberries as a real treat for your oral health.

If you happen to be lactose intolerant fear not, calcium can be found in a variety of non-dairy foods as well as in pill form. Broccoli, Bok Choy, White Beans and Collard Greens are just a few non-dairy foods that pack a serious calcium punch. Mix these veggie in with your next meal and do your dental implants, as well as the rest of your mouth, a serious favor!

We hope some of these hints have helped you get a few ideas on ho you are going to approach caring for your new smile.

From all of us here at Anthony Dailley, DDS have a healthy day and keep smiling.