What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are no stranger to our human history. Our ancient ancestors have used artificial teeth, similar to dental implants since Egyptian times. These primitive forms of implants showed the desire to replace missing teeth even then. Thankfully, our modern methods of dental implantology are considerably more advanced and precise. For those who clicked on this page, you want to learn more about what exactly makes up dental implants.

What are dental implants made of?

dental-implant-2-berkeley-ca dental-implant-berkeley-caDental implants are constructed from two surgical grade titanium pieces and one porcelain crown. The first piece is the titanium implant body that is surgically placed in the bone. The placement of the implant body is the beginning of the process to replace the missing tooth. Once the implant body is placed in the bone osseointegration begins to take place (you can read more about osseointegration below).

The second part is called the abutment and this sits above the gum tissue and is attached to the implant itself. The abutment serves as a structure that the crown or cap is later connected to. After the implant is fully osseointegrated with the bone, the abutment is attached to the implant.

The last piece is also one of the most customizable pieces. While the first two are sized to fit comfortably in your mouth, the porcelain crown is not just sized for comfort but also colored and shaped to match the rest of your smile with as natural an appearance as possible.

What is osseointegration?

Osseointegration is a unique process in which the bone grows and fuses the implant to the bone in the jaw. The result is a solid bond that permanently secures the dental implant in place. This fusion ensures that the dental implant not only remains as durable as the rest of your teeth, but that it can last a lifetime as well.

Osseointegration also has the added bonus of being good for your oral health too. When the fusion takes place, the bone regenerates and thickens as it grows around the implant, strengthening the bone in the area. Normally after a tooth is removed, the bone will atrophy or shrink, and this process will go on indefinitely even if a denture or bridge is being used to replace missing teeth. Typically there will be a 50% loss of bone within the first 6 months following the loss of a tooth. The only thing that can stop this loss of bone from occuring is an implant because it acts just like a tooth to stimulate the bone growth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

dental-crown-berkeley-caDental implants offer scores of benefits for our patients in Berkeley, CA, and some of these benefits even surpass those of dentures or dental bridges. For one, dental implants are permanent and low maintenance, meaning that they can be cleaned just as you would with a normal tooth. They cannot be removed and can’t fall out either.

Dental implants are also capped with a porcelain crown, shaped and stained to appear so realistic that you can’t tell the implant from the rest of your teeth. Dr. Dailley will work closely with you to customize the crown to your liking from size to color.

One other aspect of dental implants that others may not realize is that dental implants are also quite strong. While dentures and bridges offer only half the normal bite strength of a full set of teeth, the dental implants work alongside your natural teeth to give you a strong, reliable bite. Also, while dentures can possibly obstruct your normal chewing and speaking patterns, dental implants are fitted with your natural teeth for one seamless smile that lets you speak and chew normally.

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