Visit The Local Butcher Shop Today!

Pork at a The Local Butcher ShopToday, dental implant provider Dr. Dailley and his staff at Anthony Dailley, DDS thought we would take a break from our usual dentistry related blog posts and take a moment to put the spotlight on one local business that is delivering products of the highest quality to their customers in Berkeley, CA. All without compromising the independence and attention to detail only a small business can have.

If You Like Meat You Should Visit the Local Butcher Shop

Some years ago, butcher shops were commonplace. Nearly everyone had a favorite butcher shop that they would visit to buy their meats. Now, in the modern day world, butcher shops have been swallowed up by big chain grocery stores and turned into just another section of an otherwise massive market.

However, there are a few old-fashioned butcher shops out there who refuse to go gently into that good night. The few that still stand tall work hard for their place, and because of that often times offer meat products that go above and beyond the quality you can find at your local Vons. The Local Butcher Shop is one of those still standing strong in the face of conglomerate giants. And they are doing it with finesse.

Cuts of meat at The Local Butcher ShopThe Local Butcher Shop does something in their establishment not found often in very many places these days. They practice something called “whole animal butchery” which means that they buy animals whole from their recourses and butcher them onsite at the shop. This means that the meat you are buying from one of the friendly employees behind the counter has been inspected and cut by a professional butcher, ensuring you a level of freshness that is sure to come through in your cooking.

What’s more is that The Local Butcher Shop purchases all their animals from local farmers and ranchers within 150 miles of their Berkeley, CA shop. Their products are also always guaranteed to be grass fed, pasture raised, hormone, and antibiotic-free. The butchers behind the counter will also custom cut a piece of meat for you any way you want it WHILE you wait. How cool is that?

The Local Butcher Shop states that its main goal is to “positively impact eaters, farmers, ranchers, food artisans, and fellow butchers through our community-based business by sourcing and cutting the finest meat available in the Bay Area and by teaching our customers how to source and cook meat.” Talk about pride in the community!

They Also Serve Lunch!

The Local Butcher Shop doesn’t stop at providing high-quality cuts of meat to people in the Bay Area – they also serve them lunch! Some really great sandwiches can be found at the shop. And since this is a butcher shop, you can bet the meat in your sandwich is going to be out of this world.

So, if you are looking for a place to buy your Thanksgiving turkey and have a sandwich while you wait, then The Local Butcher Shop is the place for you!

Speaking of Turkey Day…

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Local Butcher Shop is taking online orders for locally raised heritage turkeys. These birds have been bred to be out on pasture, which means they have strong legs and smaller breasts, making their meat much more rich and flavorful. Who doesn’t like a huge turkey leg on Thanksgiving?

If you would like to reach The Local Butcher Shop you can call them at 510-845-6328.

We hope to see you there!

Until next time readers, have a happy Thanksgiving, and keep smiling.