Why Dental Implants?

When it comes to finding the best tooth replacement option for you, the world is your oyster to explore. However, not all treatments are equal in opportunity and with Anthony Dailley, DDS in Berkeley, CA, you have the opportunity to receive dental implants via state of the art technology. Dental implants are the best and most reliable method of replacing missing teeth today. Let us show you why dental implants could be the best treatment for you and your missing teeth.

Benefits to Oral Health

When a tooth is lost, it leaves a space whereby adjacent teeth and opposing teeth will drift or tilt into the space. This will result in a bad bite or malocclusion that will lead to other dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease. The loss of teeth also increases the chewing load on the remaining teeth. With time this can result in the failure of these teeth and their eventual loss. The longer the gap remains open, the higher the chance that your bite pattern will change and that the surrounding teeth may shift around to compensate for the loss. As soon a tooth is lost a process of bone loss or atrophy begins and this process will continue indefinitely unless an implant is placed in the bone where the original tooth was. If the bone loss continues unabated changes occur in your smile that can lead to eventual jaw depletion, facial collapse, and decreased chewing function.

Dental implants are advantageous in stopping these consequences before they even occur. The implants are specially customized for your specific needs. Dental implants are also successful thanks to a process known as osseointegration – the fusion of the titanium dental implant to the bone. This forms a strong bond that anchors the dental implant to the bone, allowing it to look and feel just like your natural teeth while also preventing further loss of bone.

Most Natural Appearance

Have you met a relative or close friend or colleague that has a dental implant? Were you able to tell the difference between their natural teeth and the implant? The odds are that unless they told you they had a dental implant placed you would never know. A study found that 69% of Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 have at least one missing tooth, so odds are that you have probably met someone with a dental implant.
Dental implants are quite notorious for hiding in plain sight, thanks to their specialty customization. Dr. Dailley will work with you at every step, to ensure that the implant’s titanium components fit comfortably, and that the porcelain crown placed on top is shaped and shaded to your liking. Our goal is for the final result to match the contour of your smile and leave no trace that you have a dental implant among your teeth.

Tooth Loss and Your Self-Esteem

What few patients may not realize is that tooth loss can have adverse effects on your mental state as well. It’s not unusual for patients with missing teeth to find themselves laughing and smiling less, being less social or being hyper-aware of their changes in appearance. But there can be a darker side to tooth loss as well.

One study found that tooth loss could be linked to serious conditions such as depression or anxiety, either before or after the tooth loss occurred. In an different study, some patients even described losing a tooth as similar to losing a limb.

Contact Us for More Information on Dental Implants

When our patients lose a tooth, we recommend a tooth replacement treatment be done as soon as possible in order to avoid the worst of the condition and side effects described above. At the practice of Anthony Dailley, DDS, we also recommend dental implants as one of the best tooth replacement treatments you can receive. They not only offer healing for your oral health, but also look realistic enough to pass as a natural tooth. If you’re missing one or more teeth in Berkeley, CA, feel free to contact us to learn more about dental implants and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dailley. During the consultation, Dr. Dailley will evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment options with you, and help guide you down the best tooth replacement path for your smile.