The Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants

Did you know that dental implants can’t get cavities? Alright, well that may have been a no-brainer since it’s generally known that dental implants are prosthetic in nature and can’t be damaged by the acid waste of bacteria. In addition to being cavity-free, dental implants offer a host of benefits that our patients in Berkeley, CA can enjoy. Below, we’ve listed the top five benefits (in no particular order) that dental implants have to offer.

A Sense of Self-Confidence

A sense of self confidence with dental implantsAt the practice of Anthony Dailley, DDS we most enjoy seeing our patients reveling in their renewed smiles and leaving our office feeling more confident than ever. Tooth loss can be disheartening for patients in their everyday lives, but dental implants offer a way out that provides not only a strong artificial tooth, but a long-lasting natural one as well. Patients can rediscover their winning smiles, laugh and grin just like they used to.

Safeguard Your Oral Health

After tooth loss, it’s possible that the lack of tooth could lead to unsightly side effects such as facial collapse, jawbone depletion or shifting teeth. When a dental implant is embedded into the jawbone, it revitalizes the jawbone, triggering it to regenerate and strengthen around the implant.

As the bone strengthens it brings along a host of benefits with it. Not only is your bite and appearance restored, but it also prevents neighboring teeth from shifting, and reduces your chances of tooth decay and infection in that tooth for the future.

Natural Appearance

dental-implants-nautal-lookAnother advantage is that the dental implant is incredibly customizable. From the implant embedded in the jaw to the porcelain crown placed on top, no piece is left out of the discussion. Dr. Dailley will work with you to ensure that the dental implant you receive fits comfortably and that the porcelain crown looks and feel as natural as the rest of your smile.

Superior Form and Function

When compared to other tooth replacement options such as full dentures, partial dentures, or dental bridges, dental implants have been found to be far superior and longer lasting than any of these replacements options. In fact because of their superior longevity compared to other tooth replacement options, implants usually prove to be less costly over time. Dentures restore only about 10% of the normal chewing function when compared to natural teeth teeth, while dental implants work alongside your natural teeth to maintain that same bite strength that you’re used to and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without risk of the implant loosening or falling out.


At Anthony Dailley, DDS, we know that dental implant treatment is a commitment for both our patients and their wallets. However, we offer a number of payment options and work closely with financial assistance programs like CareCredit to create the most affordable treatment plan possible for our patients. If you have dental insurance, we invite you to look over our cost and financing page for a general guideline on our dental insurance policy. We encourage you to contact our office or ask questions about our cost and financing options during your dental implant consultation with Dr. Dailley. We believe that no patient should be prevented from receiving the treatment they need, and will work with you to find an affordable treatment plan for you.

Dental Implants for Your Smile Today

Are you missing one or more teeth in Berkeley, CA and are searching for an ideal tooth replacement option for yourself? Some of the best and most advanced tooth replacement treatments are available right here in your town at the office of Anthony Dailley, DDS. Contact us to learn more about dental implants or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dailley to ask questions about the process, cost and financing, and determine your candidacy for dental implants.