Read More This Year at Moe’s Books

booksIt’s officially January and that means it’s the start of a brand new year. With that being said dental implant provider Dr. Anthony Dailley and the rest of his staff could not be more excited to welcome 2016. One thing that many people do on New Year’s Eve is make a resolution to do something positive in their lives. A popular one is remembering to floss daily. Of course, we’re all for people trying to floss more, but there in another New Year’s resolution that has quite our attention recently. We have heard quite a few people say that this year they want to read more.

When Dr. Dailley heard this he was ecstatic. Plenty of people need to floss, but plenty of people need to read more as well. There is a lack in literature love and if there is one thing Dr. Dailley loves as much as healthy teeth it’s a good book. So, bearing all that in mind we have decided to write a post about one of our favorite local bookstores in hopes that you might find something worth reading.

Find an Adventure at Moe’s Books

Modern day inventions like Kindles and online book reading devices are great for convenience, but in our opinions, a kindle can never replace the feeling of a real book in your hands. There is something about the smell of the binding and the sound of each page turning that is nostalgic and incredibly satisfying.

The staff at Moe’s Books understand this sentiment better than most. In fact, they have dedicated their lives to preserving a love of literature in people. Moe’s has been a proud destination for book lovers everywhere since 1959. Now, that’s some serious experience.

“Since its inception back in the heyday of the Beatnik era, Moe’s Books has managed to become more than just a great bookstore–it has achieved the rarified status of a beloved landmark institution as well. Situated just four blocks from the University of California campus, Moe’s has managed to mirror the often turbulent and triumphant times that have come to epitomize all that is exciting and unique about Berkeley.” –

Whether you are looking for an epic fantasy adventure, a non-fiction novel, or an antique tome from a time long ago, Moe’s has something in store for you. We promise.

More Than Just Books

Moe’s bookstore does more than just sell books. They hold incredible events inside their store, and many times authors come read portions of their novels aloud and then sign copies of them for fans. For instance, this Saturday, the 14th, Susan Felix will be doing a reading of her poetry and you are invited, free of charge, to come and listen. Isn’t that amazing? We certainly think so.

We hope to see you in Moe’s bookstore soon, and we also sincerely hope you make an effort to read more literature this year. After all, time spent reading a book is never time wasted.

Until next time readers, open a book and keep smiling